Does traveling create long-lasting memories?

Whether you have taken a short or long trip, travel doesn’t only create long lasting memories, but it can also shape your personality, according to new research by neuropsychologist.

A survey about travel and memories.

We all remember that trip we took years ago, but, do remember what we did last month? A survey, commissioned by Swiss International Air Lines, with consultation from neuropsychologist Professor Lutz Jäncke from the University of Zurich’s department of psychology, looked into how to travel memories differ from others. As well as, how they influence our lives and who we are.

“Travel and our travel memories have the power to shape our personality,” said Professor Jäncke in a statement. “We are what we remember, or, more precisely – we are what we remember about ourselves… Holiday and travel memories take a prioritized position within this realm of experiences, which is why they are major pillars of our personality”.

So, have you ever taken a trip that has changed you as a person, or maybe, you have picked up a hobby after traveling? If so, you might be amongst the 40% and 20% retrospectively, of British people who said that they did.

This part of the survey, not only shows how people can remember travel experiences a lot better, but also how it can impact their lives and who they are as people. Whether it is picking up a new hobby that transforms your life or getting that clarity in your life to make that big decision, travel clearly makes a huge difference. So how do we as humans create memories other than in just our brains?

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How we create memories

When it comes to how we try and create such memories, 70% of Brits say that they take photographs or videos of their travel. Additionally, 50% of Brits said they wouldn’t delete the travel content for all the money in the world. Showing how powerful creating memories are for people.

Fortunately for those of you that don’t photograph or record video, we as humans often retail travel memories ourselves our entire lives. This is down to good travel experiences – away from stress – where people are able to absorb lots of the details that help to create strong memories.

How to share the memories.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to share our actual memories with others and unlike Sci-Fi, there is not a way for people to see into our minds. So… the next best thing to share those memories with your loved ones is video.

Video can be a window into memory, not the memory itself, but a mere look in. At Buddy Reel we believe that good video is the best way to help remember, to share your experiences that for you, will last a lifetime.

How can Buddy Reel create memories?

At Buddy Reel, we believe in sharing. Sharing the experience of filming along with sharing memories. The Buddy Reel app allows the user to compile live phone footage, shoot from multiple phones instantly. With the aim of allowing the users to combine experiences and relive the amazing memories.

For more information on what the Buddy Reel app does, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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