5 tips that will help you tell better stories

Storytelling is key and vital to any film, whether you are making a short video with friends or are making a Hollywood blockbuster. Therefore, understanding the basics of storytelling will not only improve your skills as a writer and director but you will also be able to produce better films, films that you are really proud of.

Below we highlight our top tips to tell, create, and write better stories.

1. What & re-watch success

In order to be successful in film making, photography, or any creative process, you must first understand what success looks like. Therefore whatever your medium is, indulge yourself in it. 

For filmmakers, the best place to start is films and books. Understand the crazy genius of Tarantino, the precision of Scorcese and Nolan the framing and visuals of Wes Anderson. Whereas for books, read, read, read. I would start with Tolkien and work your way forward. Whatever your style, simply get inspired and dive in. 

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2. Give every character a voice

When writting or telling stories, a lot of people fall under the trap of adding characters to pad out scenes. This might seem like a great idea when it comes to making a story longer and it might seem exciting, however, all this does is confuse the audience. 

Make sure that if you are putting a character into the story, that they belong there, that they have purpose. 

3. Understand your audience

Understanding who you are talking to can sometimes be more important than understanding what you are saying. At Budy Reel, we truly believe that this is something that a lot of storytellers get wrong and don’t even think about that much. 

A lot of people will create a story, content, and then hope that people will watch, read, or even relate to it. However, understanding the medium, the audience that uses that medium will be what gets you seen, shared, and ultimately appreciated.

Best tip we can give you with this is simply, research, research, research! 

4. Passion is evident

Passion is evident in work. The small tiny details that make you think, that stand out. Those come from liking what you do and giving it your all. 

Therefore when it comes to storytelling, make sure you pick a subject that actually excites you. A subject that you will happily spend 1000 hours researching.

5. Be confident in your work

A lot of the time and for a lot of people, being confident in their own work is seriously hard. Just because you like it, it doesn’t mean that others will like it too right?

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself why you wanted to make this story, why you think it needed to be told. If you are confident in your reason to tell the story then you should be confident in telling it. 

Also, just like passion, confidence also comes through in your work. So believe in yourself and what you are doing. 

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